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Nathan's Work

Here's some of the great companies I've worked with to create legendary pitch decks.


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Bomgar - Multiple Rounds

I co-founded Bomgar with Joel Bomgar and Patrick Norman in 2003. I built embarrassingly bad pitch decks to raise our first $1M, then progressively better decks to raise another $19M and help our sales team sell to 10,000 customers - including AIG, AmEx, and the Air Force just in the As. Together with 200 of our closest friends, we built Bomgar to $50M in revenue and then I built the deck for a nine-figure exit to TA Associates in 2014. What a ride!


prospera - Multiple Rounds

Prospera is a governance platform designed to catalyze economic development. Their first startup city - St. John's Bay - is on the island of Roatan in Honduras. I worked with Prospera's CEO Erick Brimen to build Seed, then Series A, then Series B decks to raise over $50M.

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Vori - Series A

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Vori is a Y-Combinator startup building the next-generation grocery store operating system. Vori's CEO Brandon Hill got a tip from another YC founder who had worked with me on their pitch and gave glowing reviews (thanks!). Vori's pitch deck wasn't bad, but Brandon and I worked together to make it sing - until it was a true reflection of Vori's market opportunity and felt natural for Brandon to deliver. It took several rounds of late evening conversations, but the results speak for themselves: Brandon raised a $10M Series A from The Factory in the middle of a VC market downturn.


End it for good - nonprofit

It's not easy pitching the end of the drug war in Mississippi (the most conservative state in the country), but Christina Dent, the Founder and President of End It for Good is successfully doing just that. I've worked with Christina and her team building several decks to help her raise the funding and awareness she needs.

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Control Plane is a multi-cloud developer platform based on Kubernetes. I worked with Control Plane's CEO Doron Grinstein (former Chief Software Architect of VMWare) to develop a deck that explained the intricacies of Control Plane's product and how it was differentiated within a crowded competitive market. Doron successfully raised $8M to grow the company.

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