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looking for legends

Strategy and Sasquatch

Hi I'm Nathan. I'm a strategist and outdoorsman living on a small farm in British Columbia. I help early-stage companies build a differentiated strategy that wins customers and attracts funding.

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Total of Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds I've helped raise.


Typical revenue range of the companies I work with.


Years of executive experience. Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, CMO, cheerleader

It all started when I co-founded Bomgar (now BeyondTrust) in 2003 before my prefontal cortex was fully developed. I foolishly built our first pitch deck in Flash but we still raised a million dollars. Then as Bomgar's Chief Strategy Officer, I helped position our products and company to sell enterprise clients, raise another $19M, and grow the company to $50M in revenue. Then I pitched the company to a successful exit in 2014. BeyondTrust now employs 1,500 people and has become a legend - or at least a unicorn: it's valued at over a billion.

Since then, I've helped entrepreneurs in technology, nonprofit, politics, and even a startup city craft positioning that wins in the market and has been used to raise over $150M. Most of the time, I was working in both a strategic and operational role, building product positioning and executing go to market strategy while I was helping raise money. 

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The legend is out there.
Just got to keep looking

When I'm not working with founders, I'm often a hundred miles from nowhere in the British Columbia backcountry on a Search and Rescue call-out, jet boating up a remote river, hiking a new ridgeline, running a trail, or on one of three types of skis. Legend has it that sasquatch live in these mountains and at this rate, I'm sure to spot one.

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